Mood Swing

Swing, Cool Jazz, and Old-Broad Blues Duo

What do you get when you combine a hot guitarist and a cool bass player
who sing like sirens, play like seasoned pros,
harmonize like synchronized swimmers,
and happen to be women of a certain age?

You get Mood Swing,
a smooth, jazzy, bluesy Boise duo
Patricia Daley and Peggy Jordan.  




Mood Swing is so easy and fun to listen to that you almost don’t notice the impeccable musicianship holding it all together--almost.


Their repertoire runs from Nat King Cole to Patsy Cline, from jazz standards to  classic bossa nova to vintage blues. Not to mention the occasional surprise 60s classic, or their slew of catchy originals.


Combining airtight arrangements with a wry and playful delivery, Mood Swing can artfully make two instruments and two voices feel and sound -- and swing -- like a smooth five-piece band.



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